The property has an excellent location and includes a parking lot. It shares a common parking agreement with the City of Wayzata  which owns and operates a municipal liquor store and bar/restaurant.

The property needed fixing, most importantly was to replace the sinking slab in the restuarant space, and repair the floors along the front of the building. Extensive interior improvements were  also required.

The tenant list includes: Wuollet’s, Grace Hill, Paper & Cloth, Oh Baby, and A La Mode.
A new restaurant concept by Ryan Burnet and Steele Smiley is taking the place of the Peoples Organic and will open soon.


We worked closely with the Landlord to find the right mix of tenants who wanted the excellent visibility, access and parking the property provides.

The result was that two existing tenants were relocated to new spaces, and the balance of the 14,375 square feet were leased to 4 new tenants.