• Reposition and Re-Tenant the former Chamber of Commerce Building
  • Team effort including Asset Manager, Architect, Contractor
  • Reached nearly 90% occupancy


The Chamber of Commerce Building had failed as a viable leasing option. It was mostly empty, homeless people were living in the building, the infrastructure was obsolete, and it smelled!

Our role was to re-tenant the property.

Stu was the Leasing Agent for us when we initially did the re-positioning of The 15 Building.  It was an older building in some disrepair and Stu came in and worked with our team and was instrumental in increasing our occupancy up to close to 90%.   He was innovative, thoughtful, creative and relentless in his pursuit of the tenant profile we sought to fill the building.  I highly recommend Stu.

Thomas P. Shannon


Wexford Financial, Inc.